December 17, 2017

James Holmes Offers 7 Steps to Change Your Life

How big is your vision? As you have progressed through your life journey have your goals or life vision expanded or has it become smaller? Have you identified your major life purpose?

This simple video was created to inspire and illustrate milestones anyone can reach between now and 2020 or any date you establish for yourself. You simply have to decide what you truly want out of life, who you want to touch, and the causes you wish to impact as part of your legacy.

Obviously this video was created for fun but the point is very serious because it speaks to possibilities. Everything referenced in the video from impacting the planet to providing value to the economy, to solving major problems around the world and being recognized for it; are achievements that many experience daily around the world. The difference between you and them is the size of their decisions and the actions they took to support those decisions.

How to Create Your BIG Vision

Here is a basic action plan… a blueprint to help to create a powerful vision for your life. I have deliberately made these points specific, simple, and easily actionable.

Step 1. Determine Your Why. The first decision you have to make is determining your why… what drives you to accomplish more in your life? What will motivate you and cause you to fight through any obstacles that stand in your way to creating the life you want to live.

Step 2. Write It Down. Envision your ideal life on January 1, 2020… what does you life look like, who is in your life, what are you doing to earn a living, where do you live, what causes are you involved in, etc. Make this written vision of your life in the year 2020 as vivid as possible… see it, hear it, feel it, touch it, taste it. In addition to writing down your vision, I also recommend creating a vision board, and journal consistently as you move toward your goals.

Step 3. Set Achievable Goals. There is a difference between writing down dreams and goals… I find that people loose focus on their dreams because they view then as fantasy, but a goal is a desire wrapped in action based on your intentions.  In order for your goals to be achievable they must be believable… not by others but by you. Create both small interim goals and big audacious goals that actually scare you a little when you think about how your life will change once you achieve them.

Step 4. Take Inventory of Your Influences. Who and what influences you in your life day to day. This is a critical step because everything you do, media you consume, and people you interact with either add to or take away from your future achievement… either your dream in stoked or stolen in large and small ways. You have a responsibility to yourself to eliminate everything possible from your life that doesn’t serve your vision. This means you may have to give up unproductive habits that you actually enjoy and create distance away from people in your life that…do not serve your vision.

Step 5. Find a Mentor and a Mastermind. Think about this for a moment, every champion and higher achiever in life relies on the expertise of coach and mentor. Tiger Woods, Payton Manning, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, all have benefited from working with coaches and mentors. Here is a simple question, if successful action oriented people around the world rely on guidance and leadership of a coach or mentor why shouldn’t you? If you want to limit your setbacks, shorten your learning curve, and achieve your goals more quickly find yourself a coach or mentor!

Step 6. Create Your Success Plan. Approach this step with an expectation that you will succeed… expect the people, resources, tools, an opportunities you require to accomplish your goals will appear as your needs arise. Work with your coach or mentor to create your plan and address all aspects including monthly budget, marketing (prospecting) strategy, daily method of operation, benchmarks (short term goals to measure progress), and more.

Step 7. Take Massive Action and Refuse to Quit! The most important step in this process is taking massive action. Without you showing up with your whole-self everyday, ready to execute on your plan nothing long lasting will result from your efforts. Focus on each daily action as you target every short term goal as a stepping stone to the next short term goals which will lead you to achieve your bigger vision. Regardless if you view the results of any particular day as good or bad… remain committed to massive action performed daily.

Final Thoughts and Your Call to Action

As you accomplish each goal your vision will expand and achievements you may have considered beyond your reach will  suddenly appear to be achievable. As you grow as a professional and influence the lives of more people, solve bigger problems, and add more value, you will be rewarded in many way some of which are currently beyond your imagination.

I am here to help you succeed and encourage you to pick up the phone and call me or connect via email or Skype. Regardless if we work together or not, I am always open to providing a little time to discuss your goals and determine if I cn help you accomplish your dreams.

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

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Have a blessed day!

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