November 20, 2017


Philanthropy etymologically means “love of man” in the sense of caring for, nourishing, improving, and enhancing the quality of life for human beings.

I became awakened to the possibility of making a difference on matters greater than self interest in 1982. I was inspired by the campaigns for Denver Mayor conducted by Federico Pena (Mayor 1983-1991) and in 1983 by the United States Presidential campaign of Senator Gary Hart, I worked as an active volunteer for both campaigns. Although I was only 20 years old, I understood how much influence an individual could have on major policy initiatives and global events by engaging in the political process.

Gary Hart James Holmes 1997 July 31 001 1024x723 Philanthropist

United States Senator Gary Hart with James Holmes

Inspired by John Frohnmayer, former National Endowment for the Arts Chairman who I met in 1993, I began pursing volunteer and board service in the arts community which led to extensive work with many organizations including the Denver Art Museum, Colorado Ballet, Denver Office of Arts, Culture and Film, Colorado Business Committee for the Arts and others.

James Holmes Steve Forbes Philanthropist

Steve Forbes, Editor in Chief Forbes with James Holmes

Be sure to view the Chronological List of my philanthropic work and you can also use the drop down menu under the tab titled Philanthropist for a categorical listing and specific details of my effort to be a socially responsible entrepreneur through philanthropy.

My Commitment to Micro Lending through Kiva

I believe in paying a blessing forward and I believe in the potential of the entrepreneur. Kiva allows me to take something that may be a small amount of money for me and leverage it to fulfill the hopes and dreams of fellow entrepreneurs worldwide. Kiva changes lives and helps people become self-sustaining while following their entrepreneurial passion. Please visit my profile on Kiva to learn how you too can make a real difference as a micro lender.