November 20, 2017


I have loved music my entire life and I first fell in love with the guitar in 1972 when I became a life-time fan of the late Jim Croce. During that year I literally begged my dad for a guitar daily until he finally gave in and bought my first guitar. I played at it for a while until a failed elementary school talent show audition followed by the death of Jim Croce in a plane crash and broken strings ended my brief romance with the guitar. Fast forward 40 years to May 9, 2013 and I found myself finally taking my first formal lesson with my second guitar in hand… one I bought myself.

Although I have often wished that I had taken up music decades ago, I feel incredibly blessed to have discovered the magic embodied within this passion at this time in my life, somehow it seems perfect. In addition to enriching my enjoyment of music has been one valuable reward, the others have been the friends I have made within the music community and the expansion music has already provided to my life.

“My purpose in sharing this journey is to inspire others to pursue their passions without prejudgment or limiting thoughts. If you feel something vibrating your soul simply go for it!” – James Holmes

Here are some of my favorite music links and sites for my friends and community:


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