November 20, 2017


My entrepreneurial journey began in 1985 (incorporated in July 17, 1986) when I founded Park Avenue Companies, Inc. a holding company for Park Avenue Mortgage Corporation and Park Avenue Financial Corporation authorizing 50,000 shares of stock. Park Avenue Mortgage Corporation operated as a home equity lender in the second mortgage niche and Park Avenue Financial Corporation provided life insurance services as an aide in family planning.

Turning My Passion Into A Great Business

After liquidating Park Avenue Companies in 1988 to pursue a prospective career in motor-racing, I sold real estate for Coldwell Banker and ultimately launched my second company InterActive Motorsports Marketing in 1992. InterActive Motorsports Marketing provided corporate sponsorship representation, team branding, driver branding, and media services for professional racing teams.

Though my work at InterActive Motorsports Marketing I made the first ever presentation for use of the Internet to Indy Car in 1994. Although Mr Andrew Craig, CEO of Indy Car failed to see the vision of what the Internet could provide the experience remains among my most cherished moment because of the idea and its potential impact for the series, teams, and drivers.

Returning To My Business Roots

In 1998, I founded Chartwell Mortgage Company, Inc. opening offices in the Zang Mansion in Denver, Colorado. This truly was the highpoint of my entrepreneurial career to date. Chartwell Mortgage Company, Inc. provided residential mortage banking services acted as a broker for high net-worth individuals utilizing a high touch customer service model. We became the leader in the private mortgage banking community in Colorado.

Zang Mansion Denver 2 Entrepreneur

The Offices of Chartwell Mortgage Company, Inc. in the Zang Mansion located in Denver, Colorado

In 2002, I completed what was essentially an acquisition without finance transaction which merged my company into Cherry Creek Mortgage resulting in a net-branch operation known as Cherry Creek Mortgage Private Mortgage Banking. After successfully operating in Denver, the branch expanded in scope and size relocating to Parker, Colorado and expanding to a staff of nine.

James Holmes Mortgage Lending Team Entrepreneur

The James Holmes Lending Team (Partial Staff)

Multiple Streams of Income