November 20, 2017

James Holmes Palmarès

James Holmes Cycling Palmarès

The following is a listing of my results from my first season of racing. After suffering a broken clavicle and a subsequent crash while training for the 2007 season, I stopped racing temporarily and will resume in 2013.

james holmes cycling 2006 north boulder park criterium 400x623 NEW James Holmes Palmarès

My Racing Style... Hammer Down Period!

June 09, 2013 North Boulder Park Classic (Cat 5)

April 21, 2007 Haystack Team Time Trial (CAT35+4) Not Classified

July 09, 2006 Andy Fitch -Sarah Kay Memorial Circuit Race (CAT 35+4) Finished 8th

July 08, 2006 North Boulder Park Criterium (Cat 35+4) Finished 8th

Cherry Creek Time Trial Series Cat 35+4)

July 02, 2006 Ed Burke Memorial Criterium (Cat 35+4) Finished 10th (won 1 prem sprint)

June 04, 2006 City Park Criterium (Cat 35+4) Finished 16th

June 10, 2006 Colorado State Time Trail Championships (Cat 35+4)

June 03, 2006 Rocky Mountain Criterium (Cat 35+4)Finished 34th (Tough Guy of the Race Award)

April 29, 2006 Deer Trail Road Race (Cat 35+4) DNF Flat

June 21, 2006 Coal Miners Classic (Cat 35+4) Finished 24th

May 13, 2006 Wheels of Thunder Table Mountain (Cat 35+4)

May 27-29, 2006 Rocky Mountain Omnium (Cat 35+4)

April 23, 2006 Boulder Beer Road Race (Cat 35+4)

April 17, 2006 Boulder Larimer Road Race (Cat 35+4)

April 02, 2006 Koppenberg Road Race (Cat 35+4) DNF *1st Race

Team JR Engineering

Team JR Engineering my first team which later became Team Velocity. The team as you can see included both a male and female team. It was a great group of people many of whom are still friends and the culture of the team was a great fit for me and a great introduction into team cycling.

Team Jr Engineering James Holmes 2006 300x257 James Holmes Palmarès

My First Team in 2006 Team JR Engineering