November 20, 2017

James Holmes Cyclist

My cycling journey began when I was 12 years old… I love cycling culture!

James Holmes Bike Source 1 2013 Aug 01 296x300 James Holmes Cyclist

Training in Douglas County July 2013

As far back as I can remember I have ridden bikes. When I was in Jr. High and High School I used to love watching the Red Zinger Classic and Coors Classic bicycle races across Colorado. From spending hour upon hours on summer days, to building our own BMX track in a vacant commercial lot, to racing BMX events in my early teens and eventually racing as an elite amateur cyclist today… I have always loved time spent on a bike.

I have celebrated the thrill of a few top ten finishes and the agony of a broken collar bone (comes with the territory) and some pretty severe road rash. I believe that I will be riding horses and bikes into my nineties Lord willing despite my grandmother recently asking me “why don’t you find a nice safe hobby?”

How did I end up taking on road racing well into my forties? Somewhat by accident. I had recently sold my show horse and was needing another fitness oriented hobby within my passion (I always try to operate within my passion zone) and cycling seemed like the perfect choice because as I said, I have always loved bikes.

I went out and purchased the most high-end and expensive bike I could afford with the intention of riding simply for exercise. As it turned out my banker Doug Thormahlen was a competitive cyclist and also lived in my neighborhood, so I started training (and getting dropped) by him and a couple of other members of his team until I became strong enough to keep up and eventually accepted an invitation to join Team JR Engineering.

Racing transformed my cycling experienced and I have absolutely loved every aspect from training to completing a long hard race.

Team JR Engineering

Team JR Engineering my first team which later became Team Velocity. The team as you can see included both a male and female team. It was a great group of people many of whom are still friends and the culture of the team was a great fit for me and a great introduction into team cycling. To see my Palmarès click here.

Team Jr Engineering James Holmes 2006 300x257 James Holmes Cyclist

My First Team in 2006 Team JR Engineering

I Am Also a Huge Fan of Professional Cycling

Meeting Jens Voigt in 2012 (A cyclist whose race craft I admire the most… hammer down!)

James Holmes Jens Voigt 300x225 James Holmes Cyclist

James Holmes and Jens Voigt Colorado Cycling Challenge

I met Jens Voigt in August 2012 during the Denver stage of the US Pro Cycling Challenge. What a phenomenal cyclist and very nice guy. I love his take no prisoners style of racing and value what he means to professional cycling. It was funny as I drove down to the event, I told my sister that if I could meet Jens Voigt my day would be made… I met him within 20 minutes of arriving at the venue.

It was such a thrill to stand next to a guy who has won stages at the biggest professional cycling events around the world and has worn numerous yellow jerseys at Le Tour de France. The atmosphere on this day was electric as Jen’s had won a stage in the challenge a earlier and the fans were so excited to see him in Colorado exhibiting such great form.

One of my big travel goals would be to attend three weeks at the Le Tour de France or a trip to Belgium for the Spring Classics. The ultimate experience would be to pack up my bike and ride the climbs which is done every year by passionate cycling fans from around the world.

My New Plans for Cycling in 2013

James Holmes Cyclist 100 1268 1 300x225 James Holmes Cyclist

I have begun training to race into my fiftieth year of life!

I am excited about resuming my road training in 2013 at the age of 50… I have rarely felt better. After breaking my collar bone in 2006 and a second serious crash in 2007, I stepped away from competitive cycling in order to heal and focus on my businesses.

My objectives coming back to racing are vast, I want to do what is required to get into the best shape of my life, to win races, and to ride daily and take in the beauty of the Colorado mountains. I miss the collegial nature of competitive cycling and being a member of a team of people who share a sporting passion.

Although it is unlikely that I will race in 2013 without a team or affiliated sponsors, I may enter one or two events to measure my progress. My objective is to ride strong and find a team interested in working together with complete program in 2014. I will post updates on my progress on this blog from time to time and if you share my passion for cycling and bike culture please be sure to connect with me and let’s talk cycling!